United Kingdom

  • The BRR Wholesale LTD is one of the fastest growing independent food wholesalers in the UK. Currently covering 100mills around the M25, with the ambition to open more distribution centre across United Kingdom.

    We have been in the food distribution business for over 8 years now; our experience team have exclusive knowledge of running a chain of restaurants in UK, which include subway, Indian restaurant, café, chicken & chips, kebab shop, fish & chips, pizza shops and all other catering services.

    In addition, we pride ourselves on our local heart. We get to know all of our customers well, so we can understand the problems they face. We see ourselves as supply partners and use our regional structure and local depots to meet our customers' needs in the most efficient and effective way.

    Our success begins with delivering a great service, quality, value for each of our customers. We believe that true measure of our success is the success of our customers.

    BRR Wholesale LTD focused on five key elements;

    1. Service - delivering best possible customer service, customer always comes first.

    2. Value - best possible price and personalised promotion.

    3. Quality - supplying quality brands & products with wide range.

    4. Flexible - open to change and doing things differently if the result is better.

    5. Innovative - anticipating changes and adapting for the sake of our customers.

    The BRR Wholesale LTD Values sit at the heart of our business, our aim is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Customers comes first, treat our customer how we like to be treated, we use our scale for best.

    BRR Wholesale LTD.’s success depends on people: the people who work with us, who supplies to us and the people who buy from us. Our values let our people know what kind of business they are working for and let our customers know what they can expect from us.

    We work based on trust and respect. We have learnt over the years that if customers like service and value we offer, they are more likely to come back and buy from us again. If the BRR team find what we do rewarding, they are more likely to go that extra mile to help our customers.

    By living the values we create a good place to work and one where great service is delivered.

    In January 2012, we launched our four-part vision for the future of the business,

    Our vision is for BRR to be most highly valued by the customers we serve, the societies in which we operate our reliable and devoted staff.

    To be a progressive company, through operating different culture and countries.

    Adopting modern and innovative idea

    Engaging locally, applying our skills universally.

    Our mission:

    Delivering the product and service what important to our customer by increasing partnerships to help customers grow profitably.

    We have a business model that works – we have grown both sales and profit at BRR increasingly year on year – and we will continue to grow the business in the coming years.

    We have in our team extraordinarily talented individuals, whose dedication and hard work making the BRR Wholesale LTD to achieve the customer satisfaction and be in the business.